A space for BBQ bliss

A complete rear garden overhaul


The customer previously had a moderately sized grassy area which did not fit their requirements. JM Groundworks offered advice and resources to ensure the customer could make use of the space in the best way possible.

What resulted, was an area perfect for BBQ's on a sunny weekend evening, Fun for all the family.

What we did

The Process


Planning the work is just the beginning, removing the previous grass and ensuring the ground is perfectly level is one of the most important tasks to make sure the end result meets expectations.


Marking out the area and setting the correct depth is crucial to maintain the customers vision throughout the project. JM Groundworks utilises specialist equipment to easily level out the ready for the preparation work. 


Levelling the ground is not as simple as it sounds, a lot of work goes into constantly going over areas to ensure a truly level ground, if this work is not carried out with the utmost care, the end result may be more wobbly than fishing boat in the north sea.

Flatten & Prepare

Once the ground is level and true, the underlay can be placed to prevent weeds from growing up between the patio in the future, keeping the patio in a pristine condition, as well as acting as stabilisation to spread the weight evenly across the area.

100mm of 'Crush' is placed upon the matting to act as a base, raising up the ground that the slabs will rest on. Crush is a mixture of brick rubble and concrete, this is used apposed to soil to keep unwanted weeds from growing between the joins in the patio tiles and acts as a sturdy base once the concrete is compacted with the wacker plate.  

Once the 'Crush' is spread out evenly and packed down using the same method used to level out the soil, the slabs can be laid in the customers preferred layout.

Sitback, relax, it's BBQ time

For this instance, the customer wanted a random layout between dark and light grey stone patios.
JM first lay a full bed of sand and cement before laying the tiles, to ensure the tiles remain in the correct position and do no subside over time, unlike the renowned Walsh way, dotty!
The gaps between the tiles are then filled with a sand to cover up the adjoining sides.

What results is a patio fit for a family evening in the sun, cooking on the BBQ and fit for creating perfect family memories.

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